Our Metro 55 Run was this weekend and WAS AMAZING!!!  It was so much fun!  It was so wonderful to see so many people accomplishing some wonderful fitness goals!  Although there were a few glitches….trophies, race times, placings, and all other things aside, to see people conquering their fears and blasting through goals was life changing for me!

I know what it’s like to set a goal, one that is so big it makes you scared!  When I hear people say “You inspire me” it is unfathomable to me.  To think that I could ever be in this position puts a lump in my throat.  To think that my choices could be encouraging to others is life changing in itself for me.  I myself was inspired by people’s endurance, commitment and stick to it-ness this past Saturday.  Here are a few example…

I spoke with one lady before the race who told me she set a goal to run the entire 5k.  She has done a few of them before, but never ran the whole time.  She had tears streaming down her face because to her this goal was huge.  She was excited, nervous and empowered all in one.  I watched her cross the finish line.  SHE DID IT!!!!!!  SUCCESS!!

I spoke with another dear friend of mine.  She and I have been encouraging each other throughout this whole process.  She told me for whatever reason she was nervous.  She has done the Half Marathon and several other 5k races.  But she was nervous.  She was still gonna go for it though!  Drumroll please…….she completed it in her BEST TIME EVER!!!  SUCCESS!!!!

Several parents ran with their children.  Several people had NEVER done a 5k before.  One woman was recovering from a dislocated knee.  Another friend of mine just had back surgery a little over a month ago.  For some just finishing was huge within itself!


The coolest part of all….their were AVID runners running alongside beginners throughout the entire race.  The cameraderie was incredible.  The encouraging that was going on was beautiful.  It was as if everyone was ONE BIG TEAM!  Working together to achieve one goal…to finish and to finish strong.  It didn’t matter how fast or slow, jogging or walking, 1st place or last place, everyone finished and cheered each other on!

The icing on the cake…Coach Charity donated two fitness analysis and fitness plans.  I prayed SO HARD that the Lord would put them in the hands of exactly the right people!  HE DID!!!  I was in tears when I saw her chatting with her new team mates!  They are gonna rock it with her help!  I told them “It will change your life forever!”

Thank you for your inspiration.  Thank you for reminding me that we are all in this together.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you to all who participated, sponsored, ran, volunteered and prayed!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now it’s time to set a new goal!  What will yours be?


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